As an interior designer and realtor that has moved ten times, as far away as Paris, I can say with certainty that I would rather get a root canal than go through a move again.

This being said we all get to a point in our lives where change seems a necessary step or leap we must take. But before I get into the hows and whats of placing your home on the market, I feel it is my duty to inform you that as designer, I have often gone into someone’s home, staged it or redesigned the kitchen or bath to ready it for market only to hear those words “Well, we really like our home now and don’t really want to sell.” This is wonderful! A designer’s job is to make a beautiful space that makes you happy. I have also gone in to price a remodel only to have to break the news that you will not make your money back on a remodel.

I pride myself on bringing to my clients the best solution for their lifestyle and needs, not just for now but the future. It is my job to make sure that my clients buy a home that they can turn and sell quickly if needed or “age in place,” which is ideal. It is my job to make sure that my clients have their dream home within their budget, even if it means staying where you are. And more than anything, it is my job to make sure that my clients feel that I am with them every step of the way with only their best interest at heart.

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