Creating Space Where There Is None






Problem: This room is what I would consider our “money room.” The west- and north-facing windows have an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and Mission Beach. This view is what people want to see, but the cluttered space did not invite buyers to even walk into the space, let alone stay for a cup of tea.

Tip: When trying to create an airy space choose furniture that has a lite feeling: Armless chairs, glass top tables, light colored fabrics, and slim lighting fixtures. 

Solution: Relocating the oversize furniture to other places in the house, stealing this slim armless chair from the living room and adding a “lite” side table made all the difference.  Moving the dresser from the bedroom was a nice way to add some height and lighting to the room but also allowed the owners to have their clothes right outside the bedroom door.

A big part of design is figuring out how your homeowners can still live in the space comfortably while the home is on the market. They still have to get dressed in the morning!

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