Designing Two Of The Most Important Rooms In The House

10 Sep, 2016

The Master Bedroom & The Bathroom When I am designing the sale of a home, I try hard to find ways to take what is existing and make it work, because most of the time sellers do not have the time, money, or motivation to do an entire renovation project. In this home we had... Read more »

Creating Space Where There Is None

06 Sep, 2016

before after   Problem: This room is what I would consider our “money room.” The west- and north-facing windows have an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and Mission Beach. This view is what people want to see, but the cluttered space did not invite buyers to even walk into the space, let alone stay... Read more »

Welcome to my new website

17 Oct, 2013

I’m excited to announce my new website. Take a look through and explore all the available content. If you get a chance scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to my social networks to keep up to date. Enjoy!